Pool Services

Residential Pools Contractors

Residential Pool Cleaning, Renovations, Consultation & Upgrades

We strive to meet the needs of any and all residential swimming pool owners , and we take pride in being flexible and creative with our many pool services. From do-it-yourself pool owners who want to manage their own pool servicing needs, to the hands-off pool owners who would rather have a professional pool service company manage their pool - we offer a variety of pool service plans and swimming pool services to meet the individual needs of our customers.

If you find that none of our pool service plans fit your specific needs, just tell us what your needs are and we will be happy to work with you to build a customized pool service plan.

  • Renovations
  • Seasonal Maintenance Contracts
  • Daily & Weekly Service
  • Pool Resurfacing
  • Replumbing of entire pool systems
  • Solar cover installation
  • New decks and patios
  • Water features
  • New updated pool equipment
  • Pool tile replacement and installation
  • Pool openings & closings
  • Consultation with new construction
  • Pool equipment repair
  • Pool leak detection
  • Winter covers - mesh & solid
  • Acid washing
  • Depth marking
  • New walls
  • Pool liner replacement
  • Safety Equipment and evaluation

Residential Pool Services

Supply and installation of the following Fire Alarm and Emergency Lighting System
  • Weekly or monthly pool cleanings.
  • Pool resurfacing: We can make your existing swimming pool or spa look new again. Various applications are available.
  • Pool equipment Installation: We install all pool related equipment from pool heaters to safety items. We can handle it all.
  • Vinyl pool liner replacement - Many designs are available!
  • Winterizing pool covers: Covering your pool is an important safety aspect of pool ownership and preserves the clarity of the pool over the winter months.
  • Chemical automation systems and auto controls for your swimming pool

Swimming Pools

Sapphire Pools LLC has successfully executed several prestigious swimming pools projects for commercial and residential complexes, private villas and health clubs, indoor and outdoor pools. We can do designing and execution of Olympic size pools with FINA stranded.

Our activities

  • Swimming pool edge concept designing
  • Construction of new pool (Concept to Commissioning)
  • Renovation and remodeling of existing pools
  • Swimming pool repair works
  • Swimming pool Electromechanical works with Testing and Commissioning service.
  • Pool chiller, heaters and Dosing system installations.

Water Features

Sapphire pools can turn any area in to an attractive relaxing and peace full space with our comprehensive and edge to edge designed water feature and fountains whether it is indoors or outdoors, commercial or residence complexes, private Villas and Farm houses.We offer many years of successful project experience and hundreds of selected products to provide you with beautiful and proven results in fountains & water feature design.

Our Water features
  • Architectural fountains
  • Water falls
  • Custom made fountains
  • Floating fountains
  • Rolling sphere
  • Programmable fountains
  • Musical Dancing fountains
  • RGB LED light Effect in fountains
  • Water Screen and Video Projection
  • Laser water fountains.

Jacuzzi’s (hot tubs) is used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure with lot of health benefits, a 15 to 30 minutes bath can reducing Stress, improve your anxiety, lover the blood pressure, can improve your cardiovascular health and last not least it can improve your self esteem and confidence.Sapphire swimming pool has been building high quality classic constructed type Jacuzzi and can install any type of readymade Jacuzzi whether it is indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, private villas and health clubs.

  • Construction type,
  • Readymade type.